Ineffective, Abusive Therapies

The UK Government is hell bent on limiting your choice to ineffective, often abusive therapies. Having sat on the executive committee for Hypnotherapy, I was alerted to this by the government representative, who stated that the main criterion for the so-called “National Standards” for hypnotherapy, was inclusivity – meaning that the standards would be very low. I challenged him on this point; he was unconcerned.
By dumbing-down the nearest thing to magic I have ever found, they are attempting to eliminate the really effective forms of therapy, particularly with regard to Survivors, Anxiety, Depression, Overweight, Etc. To those of you who are aware of their other stunts regarding healthcare, nutrition, fracking, and so on, this will come as no surprise.
So, what’s the problem? Well, I specialise in “Adult Survivors of Abuse” (I am one). If you look at what is available: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and what passes for Hypnotherapy these days, you’ll find ineffectiveness is the order of the day.
Why is this? It’s simple: Nobody’s psychological problem is EVER intellectual in nature; it is emotional. Therefore, it will not be fixed by talking about it or understanding how you came to have it.
The fact is, you have to get to the root cause, preferably without dragging up or re-living the past event(s). I believe that any “therapy” requiring you to dredge up and re-live the past, over and over, without providing effective tools to fix the problem, is a form of ABUSE.
My colleagues and I, will keep working the magic for as long as we can. My purpose here, is to give you a heads-up so, even if you don’t go our route, you will refuse to be manipulated into further pain. It’s not that therapists in other disciplines are at fault; they have just been conditioned to believe that “understanding” is “fixing”. It isn’t.

Business and Personal Transformation

‘Is hypnosis real?’, is a question that more and more people are asking, now that it is becoming the therapy of choice with regard to weight loss, phobia, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, to name just a few.


So, is hypnosis real?  Well, it is only within the last decade that science has ‘proved’ that ‘hypnosis’ exists.  What do they think we’ve been doing for the last 5,000 years or so?  If we relied on science, we’d still be in the Stone age!


Not only is hypnosis real, it’s where you actually spend most of your waking hours.  Here’s why –


Hypnosis is merely an altered state of consciousness, where you are neither fully awake nor asleep – like a daydream, reading a good novel, or when you are really concentrating.  Anytime you are not thinking about what you are doing, you’re in hypnosis.  This comprises some 90% of our daily activities.


Is hypnosis real? Richard Bandler maintains that everything is hypnosis.  I fully concur.  You see, everything we do is in line with our emotions, which are in the subconscious mind.  So, even when we think we are making ‘hard-headed’ decisions, we are reacting emotionally.


This is why our behavior can be so puzzling; it just makes no sense.  Phobia, anxiety, depression, compulsive disorders – including overeating, all fall into this category.  That is why hypnosis really is the best tool for making change – it works with the subconscious, emotional mind.


Perhaps a more valid question than, ‘Is hypnosis real?’, would be, ‘Can hypnosis work for me?’  Check out my Blog page.

Hypnotherapy Doesn’t Work


Advanced Hypnotherapist

“Hypnotherapy Doesn’t Work”

I keep hearing this lament from new clients who have tried an ineffective version of hypnotherapy, but continue to hold the belief that hypnotherapy can help with their problem.

It grieves me to consider the vast number of people who have tried an ineffective, wordy, diluted version of hypnotherapy and have given up. In my experience, most hypnotherapy is mediocre at best and not only results in a waste of a client’s money, but may very well prevent them from gaining the amazing results which can be achieved with the to-the-point, no-nonsense version of hypnotherapy.

The fault, I feel, lies mainly with the training, which tends to be far too academic and wordy. If you study the techniques that actually work, you’ll realise that wordy, unfocused hypnotherapy is just not how the subconscious mind responds.

The current trend in regulation, is to move further along the lines of wordy, ineffective hypnotherapy, by insisting that training schools develop a more degree-style curriculum, rather than focus on training hypnotherapy practitioners to become proficient with the tools that really work.  As the uninformed regulators increase the pressure to dilute hypnotherapy, more and more people will be denied this powerful, simple, elegant way to change their lives for the better.

Me? I’ll continue to deliver the sharp-focused, no-nonsense hypnotherapy that many people in Norfolk have come to rely on.




The Real Threat To Effective Hypnotherapy

Advanced Hypnotherapist

Effective Hypnotherapy-vs-Regulation

As President of my professional organisation, I am reviewing the current requirements for the inclusion of a Hypnotherapist in a number of Hypnotherapy Registers.

As is more and more the case, the academics are doing their level best to inhibit effective Hypnotherapists from working their magic. For instance, the new requirement for Hypnotherapy Training Courses is 450hrs. This is an arbitrary figure, arrived at by a committee, the members of which may not be very good at Hypnotherapy, but are skilled committee members, needing to justify their existence.

The courses get more and more diffuse, straying into ‘cognitive’, ‘clinical’, ‘psycho’, ‘analytical’, ‘spiritual’, etc. These are just ‘bolt-ons’ to what is the nearest thing to magic I’ve ever found. They completely miss the point when it comes to the way the subconscious mind reacts.

The fact is that effective hypnotherapy is not a science. It’s an art form.

In terms of effective hypnotherapy – less, most definitely, is more. The movement to train hypnotherapists to miss this point, does not bode well for the future of effective hypnotherapy. The greater the number of Hypnotherapists trained in the academic model, the fewer real ‘artists’ there will be to enable people to make real and lasting changes in their lives, and not waste time, money and effort on an academic exercise in futility. More on this later.

What are your views?

Why Gastric Band Hyopnosis Doesn’t Work

Advanced Hypnotherapist

Why Gastric Band Hypnosis Doesn’t Work


Well, I’ve had some interesting comments re: Gastric Band Hypnosis. Many of you said you would like to remain anonymous, but have given me permission to use your comments.

One main point was: how can hypnotherapists claim that Gastric Band Hypnotherapy works, if it doesn’t? Well, Gastric Band Hypnosis may work initially, but for how long?

If we forget about the fact that, in the case of overeating, the food is never the problem, we are left with the ludicrous idea that we can fool ourselves into believing that we have undergone surgery. Well, you can fool some of the people some of the time….

Now, the subconscious mind is suggestible and very powerful, so it could go with the surgery belief for a short while. In stage hypnosis, many suggestions are given and never reversed. What happens is, the person goes with the suggestion until the mind just naturally reverts to ‘normal’ operation – the ‘old routine’. This is how the mind works.

If you think about a New Year’s resolution… it may have an effect for a very short while, but then, the mind returns to its old routine. Ask anyone who has taken out gym membership in January or has had Gastric Band Hypnosis for any length of time.

The way to lose weight , naturally, is to understand how the mind is connecting to the excess food and then disconnect it! It’s simple and sets up a new set of connections that become our new ‘old routine’.

If you have had Gastric Band Hypnosis, and would like to share your experience – even anonymously – please get in touch.

Gastric Band Hypnosis Scam

Advanced HypnotherapistHi. Some while ago, I posted about the nonsense called ‘Gastric Band Hypnosis’ or GBH, as I like to think of it. I have had quite a few people contact me for more information about it.

Let’s face it – whether you agree to have the surgical procedure, or the hypnotherapy alternative, Gastric Band is a serious decision. For a start, Gastric Band Hypnosis is expensive, and the other requires surgery.

What is my opinion of Gastric Band Hypnosis? It’s a SCAM! Do you sense any ambiguity there? The surgical variety is no better. Both are based upon the point I made in a previous post, about our overwhelming desire to eliminate the symptoms – to kill the messenger – rather than deal with the actual cause of the problem.

The thinking behind Gastric Band assumes that, by limiting the amount of food a person can accommodate, they will then lose weight. So far, so good. The surgical version makes this happen on a physical level, whilst Gastric Band Hypnosis seeks to convince the person’s subconscious mind that the surgical procedure has actually taken place.

The lengths some, so-called, hypnotherapists go to – having surgical spirit wafting in the air of their consulting room, or playing sounds of an operating theatre in the background, are laughable. Now, call me simple but, I figure, if you’ve had a real surgical procedure carried out on your body, you’d know. You would also know, full well, if you hadn’t.

If you overeat, the chances are you are on a diet, or have been on one, or dozens. This is probably the worst thing you can do. The fact is that, in cases of overeating, the food is not the problem. You might want to read that again. The food is NOT the problem. So, limiting the amount of food a person can consume, prevents the actual problem from being solved – usually in 3 sessions of Advanced Hypnotherapy. More on this in a later post, or you can check out the page on this site.

If the food is not the problem, then any ‘Hypnotherapist’ offering Gastric Band Hypnosis is either a scam artist – taking your money for some dubious procedure – or they don’t really understand how the mind works, in which case, they should find another means of employment.

If you’ve had Gastric Band Hypnosis, please let me know how you got on and how things are progressing.




Real Help for Depression

Advanced HypnotherapistHelp for Depression is in the news. In the last year some 46.7 million prescriptions were issued for Depression, in the UK alone.

The medical profession is defending this, stating that anti-depressant drugs work. This is nonsense. They then narrow the discussion to a choice between drugs and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Neither of which work.

How do I know? I had depression for over 20 years. Is there help for depression? Yes, but this isn’t it.

The current nonsense about depression being the result of a ‘chemical imbalance’ – low serotonin levels – is based on research, deliberately distorted by the pharmaceutical cartel. These lies have resulted in profits measured in billions, and untold misery for those dependent upon drugs known as SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors)

Depression is linked to inflammation. Inflammation is linked to stress. The body uses inflammation to fight off attack, whether it’s physical, as with disease, or emotional. Is there help for depression? Yes. Get rid of the fear.

Until the medical profession stops its inane pursuit of symptom killing, which won’t happen because that’s how big pharma makes its money, people will be told that medication is the answer to chronic health problems. Is medication any real help for depression? No, it isn’t.

In the same vein, CBT is mostly ineffective, because it too is based on the medical model of symptom fixation. This is, I believe, down to the Psychologists, who have a great understanding of human behaviour. Unfortunately, they delude themselves into thinking that, by understanding why we do things, we can alter them. The Royal College of Psychiatrists claims that CBT is as effective as the drugs. Well, that’s reassuring! Is this any real help for depression? No, it’s delusion.

So, is there really any help for depression? Yup…. get rid of the fear. Stress is the perception that we are under attack. This perception is based on our beliefs, which reside in our subconscious mind. Advanced Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for ‘unhooking’ inappropriate beliefs quickly, and without dragging up the past. Reducing stress, reduces the inflammation, which eases the depression.

This is a series of posts about how to take control of your own health and find real help for depression. What’s your experience?

How To Find a Good Hypnotherapist

From: Greg Forde, Hypnotherapy in Norfolk

Desired Outcome: Find A Good Hypnotherapist

Problem: Where Do You Start?

When it comes to choosing an effective Hypnotherapist, the main thing you need to be aware of is that all hypnotherapy is not the same.

That may seem obvious, but most people never consider it. The fact is, most hypnotherapy is mediocre, at best. So often, a new client will say, “I tried hypnotherapy, it didn’t work.” I could scream!

The idea that hypnotherapy, is hypnotherapy, is hypnotherapy, is a good way to waste time, money and effort. Then, having tried what you believe to be hypnotherapy, you deny yourself the benefit of what I consider to be the nearest thing to magic I’ve ever found. Please don’t do that.

It’s not always the fault of the therapist, it’s usually down to their training. The current trend is for more classroom hours, containing more complex theory. Well, I run a college of Advanced Hypnotherapy – theory never fixed anyone! More about that in a later post.

So, having realised that the quality of hypnotherapy varies considerably, how DO you find a good hypnotherapist?

  • Recommendation
  • Phone contact
  • Initial Consultation
  • Gut feeling

This is the first in a series of posts re: how to find a good hypnotherapist.

I’m wondering –

  • How did you find a good hypnotherapist?
  • Have you had ineffective hypnotherapy?
  • What were your experiences?


Hypnotherapy Training – New UK Dates

The Atkinson-Ball College has new dates for Hypnosis Training in 2012. At present, courses are planned for Norfolk in January and Somerset in March.

If you’re planning to train as a hypnotherapist, or wanting to upgrade your hypnotherapy skills, it doesn’t get better than this. The Atkinson-Ball College has a longstanding reputation for no-nonsense, hands-on hypnotherapy training, enabling you to be the best hypnotherapist it’s possible for you to be.

If you’re puzzled about which hypnosis training is right for you, a visit to the Atkinson-Ball site may give you the answers you’re looking for.

Gastric Band Is A Scam

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is A Scam

The media hype continues regarding the nonsense known as ‘Gastric Band Hypnotherapy’.  People desperate to stop overeating are wasting their money to achieve what is, at best, a short-term gain, whilst hypnotherapists who should know better are raking it in.

The basic principle is to get the mind to believe that the body has undergone a surgical procedure, thus limiting the amount of food a person can consume.  I have been told by colleagues offering Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, that they actually have surgical spirit in the consulting room to add to the effect of being in an operating theatre. This is utter nonsense as, of course, is Gastric Band Surgery. Why?


It never was.

If a person is suffering abdominal pain from appendicitis and is given pain killers which alleviate the pain, will this solve their problem? Of course not; it will probably kill them. Why? Because the pain is NOT the problem.

As usual, all attention is being focused on the symptom, ignoring the cause. If a person stops smoking, the chances are, they will put on weight. Why? Because the smoking wasn’t the problem. So, as long as oral gratification is still required, something else will be found to meet that requirement. In most cases, it’s food. So, the person goes on a diet.

If you are overeating, going on a diet is the worst thing you can do. Why? Because the mind goes wherever you focus it. When you’re on a diet, where is your focus? That’s a clue.

So, what can be done? Well first, we need to get away from the allopathic approach to chronic problems, and stop focusing on the symptoms. The problem here is not the food, it’s the person’s emotional connection to food. That’s it. Simple.

It can be fixed in 3-4 sessions of focused, no-nonsense Hypnotherapy, not the wishy-washy rubbish that passes for Hypnotherapy these days. If you would like to discuss how effective hypnotherapy can help, please get in touch.

If you’re still considering Gastric Band anything – don’t waste your money!