‘Is hypnosis real?’, is a question that more and more people are asking, now that it is becoming the therapy of choice with regard to weight loss, phobia, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, to name just a few.   So, … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy Doesn’t Work

                                               “Hypnotherapy Doesn’t Work” I keep hearing this lament from new clients who have tried an ineffective version of hypnotherapy, but continue to hold the belief that hypnotherapy can help with their problem. It grieves me to consider the vast … Continue reading

Gastric Band Is A Scam

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is A Scam The media hype continues regarding the nonsense known as ‘Gastric Band Hypnotherapy’.  People desperate to stop overeating are wasting their money to achieve what is, at best, a short-term gain, whilst hypnotherapists who should … Continue reading