Gastric Band Hypnotherapy – Don’t Be The Victim of GBH

Any therapist doing Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, is either in it for the money, or unaware of how effective hypnotherapy actually works.  Not being aware, while quite shameful, is all too common amongst so-called Hypnotherapists.  If they are aware, then why do they insist on conning people who are desperate to lose weight? Have you been the victim of GBH?

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is the latest Hypnotherapy scam, and a total waste of money.  Why? Because the problem with overeating is NOT the food. It never was.  This may come as a surprise to those in the West, who are used to treating the symptoms, rather than getting to the cause of the problem; in effect, killing the messenger.  Now, any good hypnotherapist should know this.

There are reports of people, after Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, who have lost considerable amounts of weight.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the long term.  Often, we are never told. It’s the same as thinking that the way to lose weight is to be on a diet, when being on a diet has the opposite effect.

The premise of GBH is that, in hypnosis, the client programmes their subconscious mind to believe that they have undergone an operation to restrict their digestive capacity.  As the body responds to this new belief, it reacts as if the operation has actually taken place.  So far, so good. The whole procedure is based upon the premise that the food is the problem.  It’s like saying that, if you are stressed, you should learn to relax.  The symptoms of stress are not the problem.  The problem is – what is causing you to feel under threat, and how do alter this.  What is causing you to overeat?  Food? Nope.

What happens when the belief is dislodged?  Well, you’ll be eating like never before.  Why?


People who overeat are not gluttons, lazy, or stupid; they are merely compelled to overeat because of a subconscious programme.  That’s a clue.  The difference between someone who overeats and someone who doesn’t, is emotion.  The overeating programme is emotionally driven. For this reason, understanding the problem won’t fix it.  Fooling the body that its capacity is reduced won’t do it, either.

The problem lies in the subconscious mind.  Effective Hypnotherapy gets to the connection between the emotion and the food and ‘unhooks’ it.  Once this is accomplished – usually in 3, fifty-minute sessions of effective Hypnotherapy, the eating pattern, no longer driven by the emotion, changes.  It’s simple.


The idea that convincing your mind that you have undergone surgery, is just a licence to print money.  Think about it.  If your subconscious mind can get your body to respond as is the pretend operation was real, how powerful IS your mind?  Powerful enough to unhook a bit of emotion?  Absolutely!  And, with a lot less hassle and expense AND – IT LASTS!  In addition, there is no need to drag up or re-live your past in order to do it.

So, if you are wishing to stop overeating, I suggest you give this some thought. If I can help with more information, please get in touch. If you are a therapist, insisting upon offering Gastric Band Hypnotherapy – I suggest you stop faffing about and get some effective training.


Gastric Band Hypnotherapy – Don’t Be The Victim of GBH — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Greg, couldn’t agree with you more. Recently I had a flyer throught the post offering me the ‘training’ for ‘just’ £2800. The RRP for clients was £750. I would hope any good hypnotherapist would know enough not to be taken in. Thank you for raising this.

  2. Hi
    Yes I agree I saw a training course and as I recall it was 2 days for a massive £4000
    reduced yes reduced to £1,500 oh my god I couldn’t believe it, and the fees charged to the clients are unbelievable definitely praying on vulnerable people.

  3. Couldn’t agree more! As a hypnotherapist I am often asked if I do hypnotic gastric bands. I ask them what has made them ask for that service and so often the answer is “I read it in a magazine” or “I saw it on telly”. They have no idea what they are doing and just want to jump on a band wagon.
    I refuse to do gastric band hypnosis because it is an unnecessary con. Pure and simple.