Gastric Band Is A Scam

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is A Scam

The media hype continues regarding the nonsense known as ‘Gastric Band Hypnotherapy’.  People desperate to stop overeating are wasting their money to achieve what is, at best, a short-term gain, whilst hypnotherapists who should know better are raking it in.

The basic principle is to get the mind to believe that the body has undergone a surgical procedure, thus limiting the amount of food a person can consume.  I have been told by colleagues offering Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, that they actually have surgical spirit in the consulting room to add to the effect of being in an operating theatre. This is utter nonsense as, of course, is Gastric Band Surgery. Why?


It never was.

If a person is suffering abdominal pain from appendicitis and is given pain killers which alleviate the pain, will this solve their problem? Of course not; it will probably kill them. Why? Because the pain is NOT the problem.

As usual, all attention is being focused on the symptom, ignoring the cause. If a person stops smoking, the chances are, they will put on weight. Why? Because the smoking wasn’t the problem. So, as long as oral gratification is still required, something else will be found to meet that requirement. In most cases, it’s food. So, the person goes on a diet.

If you are overeating, going on a diet is the worst thing you can do. Why? Because the mind goes wherever you focus it. When you’re on a diet, where is your focus? That’s a clue.

So, what can be done? Well first, we need to get away from the allopathic approach to chronic problems, and stop focusing on the symptoms. The problem here is not the food, it’s the person’s emotional connection to food. That’s it. Simple.

It can be fixed in 3-4 sessions of focused, no-nonsense Hypnotherapy, not the wishy-washy rubbish that passes for Hypnotherapy these days. If you would like to discuss how effective hypnotherapy can help, please get in touch.

If you’re still considering Gastric Band anything – don’t waste your money!

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