Ineffective, Abusive Therapies

The UK Government is hell bent on limiting your choice to ineffective, often abusive therapies. Having sat on the executive committee for Hypnotherapy, I was alerted to this by the government representative, who stated that the main criterion for the so-called “National Standards” for hypnotherapy, was inclusivity – meaning that the standards would be very low. I challenged him on this point; he was unconcerned.
By dumbing-down the nearest thing to magic I have ever found, they are attempting to eliminate the really effective forms of therapy, particularly with regard to Survivors, Anxiety, Depression, Overweight, Etc. To those of you who are aware of their other stunts regarding healthcare, nutrition, fracking, and so on, this will come as no surprise.
So, what’s the problem? Well, I specialise in “Adult Survivors of Abuse” (I am one). If you look at what is available: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and what passes for Hypnotherapy these days, you’ll find ineffectiveness is the order of the day.
Why is this? It’s simple: Nobody’s psychological problem is EVER intellectual in nature; it is emotional. Therefore, it will not be fixed by talking about it or understanding how you came to have it.
The fact is, you have to get to the root cause, preferably without dragging up or re-living the past event(s). I believe that any “therapy” requiring you to dredge up and re-live the past, over and over, without providing effective tools to fix the problem, is a form of ABUSE.
My colleagues and I, will keep working the magic for as long as we can. My purpose here, is to give you a heads-up so, even if you don’t go our route, you will refuse to be manipulated into further pain. It’s not that therapists in other disciplines are at fault; they have just been conditioned to believe that “understanding” is “fixing”. It isn’t.

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