Survivors of Abuse

No-Nonsense Hypnotherapy is THE most effective tool I’ve found for helping adult survivors of abuse. (I am one)

One of the biggest problems in helping adult survivors of abuse, is doing it content-free and without asking them to relive those experiences.

By using some really neat tools, developed over many years of working with Adult Survivors of abuse, I have found an elegant way of doing just that.

It is my opinion that any ‘therapy’ which causes a client repeatedly to drag up their past, without giving them effective tools for dealing with it, is a form of abuse.

If you get in touch, I can explain more fully how Advanced, No-Nonsense Hypnotherapy can help. 

As always, it is strictly confidential, there is no obligation and no pressure to purchase. It will give you a chance to check me out, see how you feel, and it won’t cost you a penny.